Enjoy the Best ever experience of buying favorite foods and accessories for your Pup through Romishome online


  • 1.What is the geographic area for our delivery ?
    • Our delivery area is within Emirates of Dubai

  • 2.How soon I can expect delivery after order placement ?
    • If you place an order before 11 AM you can expect the delivery within the same day . Order placed after 11 AM will be delivered next working day . Our delivery personnel will coordinate with you in advance to decide on approx time of delivery

  • 3.Can I take help of the phone line to call &place order directly ?
    • Yes. Our customer service representative can take your order over phone and process the same as online.

  • 4.What I should do in case of stock out ?
    • Our customer service representative will get back to you with alternative options for you to choose .However you are at your liberty to cancel your order if alternate options are not suitable for you

  • 5.How I should Pay once I receive the delivery ?
    • We prefer to receive payment at the delivery point by credit/debit card as our delivery personnel carries Card machine along with him . You can pay by Cash as well.

  • 6.Can I order any other brand not appearing in the website If I have requirement ?
    • Pls call our customer service representative and share the detail.We will be more than happy to source the items for you putting our best effort and deliver you within reasonable time.


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