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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

During the summer of 2016, I found myself frantically flying back from Kolkata to Dubai on just my third day visiting family. The kennel had called me from Dubai to say that Chloe wasn’t sleeping, eating or playing. What’s more, she had started self harming.

We had introduced Chloe to the family 2 months ago and she was the most darling pup. Having grown up with german shepherds my whole life, Chloe was definitely the most extraordinary canine I had ever met. Her temperament was brilliant, she was fantastic with children, and a medium energy pup, perfect for me and my family. So when I got the call from the kennel, I spent the next 5 hours on the flight coming to terms with the fact that I could no longer go back home for summer or even on vacation with my family. It was clear that Chloe would not survive in a kennel as she hated being confined to a crate. She needed a home environment and a family.
I began to wonder how many pups like Chloe were there.

When I suggested the idea of Romi’s Home Pet Nursery to Tamal, my husband, he was skeptical. There were already a number of boarding facilities in Dubai. What could I provide that no one else could?

“A home and a family” I told Tamal.

We welcomed our first pups for both daycare and boarding over the winter of 2017. It totally changed our lives and definitely for the better. My kids would come back from school and spend a good hour giving belly rubs and kisses. My husband would give them dinner and fill their water bowls. We would spend our evenings playing with our new family in the garden. A pup staying at Romi’s Home Pet Nursery was a pup visiting Romi Aunty for a bit.

We eventually introduced Rajnath, Rambual, and Ammar to the pups, and they became an integral part of Romi’s Home Pet Nursery. But even now, my daughters still play with the pups on a regular basis and my husband does drop off and pick ups in the morning and evenings. This will always be a family initiative because we love our pups; whether it be a over friendly golden retriever, a drama queen husky or a permanently hungry labrador.

So to all the world travelers, the long-day-at-work-ers and the business-trip jetsetters, we are here for you and your pup. We consider every anxious furballs, fussy eater, and the middle-of-the-night-pee-er who enters through the double door gates as our very own.


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