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Calibra Sp Dry Dog Expert Nutrition Oral Care – 2 kg

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Calibra Sp Dry Dog Expert Nutrition Oral Care – 2 kg

Special formula that helps clean teeth and gums and minimizes plaque formation with every feeding.

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Ingredients: chicken protein (40 %), rice (26 %), poultry fat (8 %, preserved with tocopherols), brewer‘s rice (7 %), apple pulp dried (5 %), hydrolyzed poultry protein (5 %), yeasts, hydrolyzed chicken liver (2 %), salmon oil (2 %), kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum, 1 %), fulvic acid (0.2 %), sodium hexametaphosphate (1,000 mg/kg), prebiotics (mannan-oligosaccharides 120 mg/kg, β-glucans 100 mg/kg, fructo-oligosaccharides 70 mg/kg), dried rosemary & thyme (200 mg/kg), Mojave yucca (80 mg/kg), Lactobacillus acidophilus HA – 122 inactivated (15 × 109 cells/kg).
Calibra – Oral Care w/ Chicken&Rice
Ideal for all adult dog breeds over 10 months of age if they are prone to oral cavity issues.

The shape of the kibbles supports mechanical cleaning. The kibbles also contain extra ingredients for maximum effect in resolving dental issues and the Herbal extract reduces levels of undesirable bacteria and supports healthy oral microflora.

Daily feeding with Calibra Oral Care reduces the risk of gum inflammation, plaque formation, and mouth odour.

A highly digestible hypoallergenic recipe containing no wheat, no soy, and no maize.

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